2013 ISA Water/Wastewater Symposium – conference preview brochure released

The ISA water/wastewater symposium committee is pleased to announce the release of the 2013 ISA WWAC Symposium conference preview brochure.  In the brochure, readers will find out information about the symposium program, invited speakers, the symposium format, the symposium hotel, and attendee registration costs.   The brochure also contains details about the two optional ISA training courses being offered this year: a 2-day course on In-Depth SCADA Cybersecurity, and a 1-day survey course on Flowmeter Selection and Sizing.

The 2013 conference brochure also features our new 2013 graphics for the symposium. Attendees will learn. The 3-day symposium is focused on the challenges associated with automation and instrumentation in the water and wastewater sectors. It features 2 full days of presentations (two speaking tracks), a tour of a local water/wastewater facility, a general reception, networking events, a poster session, and a supplier showcase.

Held in Orlando, Florida on August 6-8, 2013, the ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium the WWAC Symposium helps professionals in the water and wastewater industries understand how instrumentation, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), and automatic control applications are vital to the treatment and distribution of water; the collection and treatment of wastewater; and the management of stormwater. The symposium also provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable technical information, networking, professional development, and continuing education credits (CEUs and PDHs).