2017 Symposium Plant Tour Report & Photos

At this year’s plant tour on August 8, 2017 attendees had the opportunity to visit the South Bermuda Wastewater Treatment Facility located south of the City of Kissimmee on the northwest side of Lake Tohopekaliga.

The plant is a Class I reliability plant with a permitted capacity of 13.0 MGD and a buildout capacity of 21.0 MGD.  The treatment methods at this facility include preliminary treatment, primary clarification and grit removal, secondary biological treatment anoxic/oxic/anoxic/oxic, secondary clarification, filtration with disk filters, and disinfection with chlorine.   Construction of this facility was completed in early 1988. Since then several expansions have taken place to increase capacity.  Other additional improvements include multiple upgrades to the collection system and a bio-solids treatment expansion consisting of mixed holding tanks, belt filter press dewatering, and sludge cake disposal.  Effluent from the plant is disposed of either as reused irrigation or at a Rapid Infiltration Basins (RIBs) site in western Osceola County.   The plant SCADA system is comprised of Allen-Bradley PLCs and an iFIX HMI system and the South Bermuda facility also includes Toho Water Authority’s central control room.

Tour attendees had the opportunity to learn about the plant’s treatment process and its automated control system. Major pieces of process were explained, and insight was offered as to how the plant’s automated control system works. The tour comprised of a walking tour where attendees had the chance to “walk through the process” and get a chance to get whiff of the earthly aroma :).

Special thanks to Toho Water Authority and especially our tour guides. This year we had 60 attendees and hope to have a great turn out again at next year’s plant tour.

Many thanks to Bryan Sinkler and Norman Anderson, our WWAC2017 Tour Coordinators. Bus transportation to/from the tour was kindly provided by McKim & Creed.

Photos from the tour:

WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0737 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0740 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0744 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0749 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0750 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0776 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0784 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0785 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0686 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0690 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0691 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0693 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0695 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0699 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0703 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0705 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0713 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0714 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0723 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0731 WWAC2017_tour_IMG_0734