Welcome Messages

  • Don Dickinson – General Symposium Chair
  • Joe Provenzano – Program Committee Chair
  • Pavol Segedy – Director, ISA Water/Wastewater Division
  • Barry Liner – WEF Water Science & Engineering Center
  • Rachel Ellis – Chesapeake Section of the AWWA
  • Jennifer Kaberline – Chesapeake Water Environment Association

General Symposium Chair

Don Dickinson, 2018 General Symposium Chair

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our 2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium. Now in its fifteenth year, we again anticipate record attendance numbers.

Thanks to our strong partnerships with the WEF Intelligent Water Technology Committee and the Chesapeake Section of the AWWA, we have tailored this year’s conference specifically to the needs of automation professionals in the water and wastewater sectors.  I would also like to thank our many sponsors, exhibitors, and committee volunteers for being instrumental to our success this year.

We have a strong program planned this year, with over 30 technical speakers, a keynote address, two invited speakers, and two guest speakers. We also expect to have a packed exhibit hall, a great general reception, and top notch catering lined up. Don’t forget to also check out our plant tour and the optional training courses.  I look forward to meeting all of you at this year’s symposium.

Don Dickinson
General Symposium Chair
2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium


Program Committee Chair

Joe Provenzano, 2018 Program  Committee Chair

On behalf of the entire program committee, I would like to formally welcome you to this year’s 2018 WWAC Symposium. Our focus is to help professionals in the water and wastewater industries gain a greater understanding of how automatic control applications, utilizing the latest in instrumentation and intelligent controls technology, can be applied to improve both process measurement water and wastewater processing, collection, treatment, and distribution.

Our symposium is a three day event where attendees will experience a breath of learning and continuing education opportunities. Our symposium starts with two optional training courses. This is followed by early-bird symposium badge-pick up and a plant tour.  Then we have two full days dedicated to technical presentations. In addition to our 30+ technical speakers, we have an informative keynote opening,  invited speakers, and guest speakers are part of our program.

I also encourage you to visit our exhibit hall, talk with our sponsors, and network with your fellow attendees.  From these interactions you will find out about new techniques, products and approaches to your daily automation challenges.

We are pleased to welcome the full range of automation professionals in our sector to our symposium.  This includes both plant people, including operations, maintenance, engineering and management, as well as plant designers, instrumentation specialists, and system integration firms. Please take advantage of the professional development opportunities afforded to you by our symposium.  If you are a Maryland resident, make sure to fill out the paperwork to get your MDE-approved CEUs/PDHs.  If you are from out of state, or have an ISA CCST or CAP certification, don’t forget to request your ISA training certificate.

Come join us!

Joe Provenzano
Program Committee Chair
2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium


ISA Water/Wastewater Division

As director of the ISA water/wastewater division, it is my pleasure to welcome attendees to this year’s 2018 WWAC Symposium.  At our annual symposium, now in its 15th year, attendees have the opportunity to see over 30 technical presentations, learn from high quality training courses, and browse our exhibit hall. The symposium, along with the division’s quarterly newsletter, website, and student scholarship program form part of the key service offers provided by the ISA water/wastewater division to our members and the automation community at large.  I look forward to seeing you at this year’s symposium!


Pavol Segedy, PE
ISA Water/Wastewater Division
International Society of Automation


Water Environment Federation

On behalf of the Water Environment Federation (WEF), it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium. We believe that the Symposium has an extraordinary technical program thanks to the efforts the symposium’s program and organizing committees.  We are pleased to be a technical co-sponsor of this year’s symposium, and promoting stronger ties between the ISA and WEF. We also welcome you to attend WEFTEC 2018 this fall in New Orleans, where several of the WWAC symposium presentations will be showcased at a special WEFTEC session along with several other automation presentations. We encourage all members of the water community to participate in both larger vertical-events like WEFTEC and in focused niche events like the ISA WWAC symposium as together they have a lot of offer.

Barry Liner, Ph.D., P.E.
Director, Water Science & Engineering Center
Water Environment Federation


Chesapeake Section of the AWWA

The Chesapeake Section, American Water Works Association (CSAWWA) is pleased to co-sponsor the 2018 Water / Wastewater and Automatic Control Symposium which will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, Maryland from August 6-9, 2018. There are few community water systems today that do not employ some form of automation to distribute, collect, and treat water for their customers. Virtually every operator and engineer in the industry encounters these rapidly evolving technologies, and this three-day symposium will take a deep dive into the current and future of trends in automation. We are applying for continuing education credits for both operators and PE’s, so make plans now to join us in August, to learn more about the state of automation for water utilities!


Yours truly,
Rachel Ellis
Executive Director
Chesapeake Section
American Water Works Association


Chesapeake WEA

The Chesapeake Water Environment Association (CWEA) is pleased to welcome you to the 2018 ISA WWAC Symposium. As a member association of the Water Environment Federation (WEF), CWEA is committed to providing educational opportunities for our members. Considering the continuous evolution of water resource recovery treatment technologies, stormwater management, and collections systems monitoring, reliance on automation and controls is emerging to the forefront of our industry. The ISA WWAC Symposium provides a valuable educational opportunity for our members to stay up to speed on the latest trends and technologies, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Symposium.


Yours truly,
Jennifer Kaberline
Chesapeake Water Environment Association