EWAC 2020 Conference – Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts for the 2020 ISA Energy & Water Automation Conference is now available.  Abstracts are due April 3, 2020 via the submission portal at www.xcdsystem.com/ewac/

From the EWAC2020 Call for Abstracts:

The 2020 ISA Energy and Water Automation Conference is the outstanding forum for expert discussions on various energy sectors, as well as municipal and industrial water automation applications including but not limited to:

Management, IT/OT Professionals, Operator Staff, Maintenance Personnel, Engineers/Consultants, Suppliers and End Users.

ISA has combined its popular power and municipal water programs into a single, twoday
event with additional critical content on industrial water applications. A worldwide
array of speakers and attendees alike have the distinct opportunity to participate in
informal discussions and networking activities to acquire the latest information and best
practice solutions to challenges in the energy, water and other process industries.


Implementing Industrial Automation Standards
• Industrial Cybersecurity, Risk Assessment/Mitigation (ISA62443)
• Alarm Management Philosophy & Rationalization (ISA18)
• Human Machine Interface & Operator Effectiveness (ISA101)
• SCADA Systems Design & Execution (ISA112)

Automation Approaches: Challenges & Case Studies
• Control System Strategies
• Advanced Control Technologies – Protocols/Sensors/Remote Monitoring
• Project Management and System Integration Best Practices

Innovative Product & Process Technologies
• Data Analytics & Work Order Reporting
• Instrumentation/Process Optimization
• Smart Cities Initiatives/Intelligent + Expert Systems
• Renewables/Green Infrastructure

Imminent Industry Challenges & Solutions
• Effective Plant Management & Operational Efficiency
• Empowering Operators, Managers & the Digitized Workforce
• Energy and Process Optimization
• Legacy Systems/Modernization
• Asset Management and Software Solutions
• Resilience and Microgrids