Newsletters – Call for Articles

The WWID newsletter is published four times a year (winter, spring, summer, and fall) and reaches the WWID’s over 1,600 members.  Each issue is approximately 16-32 pages long, and is electronically printed in color PDF format. A notification email goes out to all WWID members and it is available for public download.

We are always on the lookout for good articles, and we welcome both solicited and unsolicited submissions.

Article submissions should be 500-2000 words in length and be written for a general audience. While it is understood that the articles are technical in nature, the use of technical jargon and/or unexplained acronyms should be avoided.  We actively encourage authors to include several photos and/or figures to go along with their article.

We actively welcome articles from all of our members.  However, we do ask that articles be non-commercial in nature wherever possible. One or two mentions of company and/or product names for the purposes of identification are acceptable, but the focus of the article should be technical content and not just sales literature. If you are unsure of whether your article idea is workable, please contact our newsletter editor for more information – we are here to help.

Some examples of the types of articles we are looking for include:

  • Explanatory/teaching articles that are meant to introduce or explain a technical aspect of automation and/or instrumentation in the water/wastewater sector.
  • Biographical stories about personalities and/or leaders in the water/wastewater sector.
  • Case Studies about plant upgrades and/or the application of new technologies and techniques. This type of article must include at least two photos along with the article text.
  • Pictorial Case Studies about a plant upgrade consisting of 4-6 photos plus a brief 200-500 word description of the project undertaken. The article should ideally include one to two paragraphs about lessons learned and/or advice for other automation professionals.
  • Historical reflections on changes in technology pertaining to specific aspects of instrumentation or automation, and how these changes point to the future.
  • Discussions about changes in the water/wastewater sector and how these affect automation professionals.

Once we receive a submission, we will work with you to edit it so it is suitable for publication in the newsletter.

Article submissions can be sent to the WWID newsletter editor Graham Nasby at