Over 450 attendees tune for ISA Water/Wastewater webinar on SCADA cybersecurity

On August 3, 2021, the ISA Water/Wastewater division hosted a webinar on SCADA cybersecurity best practices as part of the ISA Energy & Water Automation Converence (EWAC) series of technical webinars.

Featuring speakers from the SANS Institute, Dragos, OT Sec and DirectDefences, the event has over 450 attendees from around the world. Attendees got to listed to presentations from Tim Conway from the SANS Institute, Gus Serino from Dragos, Andrew Hildick-Smith from OT Sec, and Christopher Walcutt from DirectDefense. The event itself was moderated by the WWID’s very own Jon Grant, who is part of DirectDefense.    Thanks to everyone who attended.

Thank you to our dedicated EWAC program committee volunteers and our ISA staff contact Kim Belinsky for arranging for this year 2021 virtual technical presentations.

Screenshot of our presenters: