Why Presenting at a Conference is Fun (and your boss will think it’s a good idea)

Presenting at a conference has many benefits for both the presenter and the organization they work for.

The first and foremost reason to present at a conference is for your own professional development. You get to meet new like-minded people such as yourself, you get a chance to “talk shop” with people who do what you do and understand the challenges of automation in the water/wastewater sector, and you get a chance to share your experience/knowledge with others.

From the boss’s point of view, it is a great way to showcase your organization, and demonstrate the interesting and exciting things that your utility/firm/company is involved with.  It is a great way to establish professional/business contacts and demonstrate you have something to bring to the table.

Some other reasons that presenting at a conference is a worthwhile endeavor include:

  • Meet and network with like-minded individuals
  • Introduce yourself to the water/wastewater automation community as someone who has something to offer
  • Establish professional creditability by demonstrating knowledge, skills and experience
  • Opportunity to learn from others and “talk shop” with people who understand the challenges of your sector
  • Establish contacts in the sector for future collaborations, business opportunities and/or knowledge sharing
  • Opportunity to showcase your accomplishments (and those of your company/organization)
  • Chance to personally stand out from the crowd
  • Chance to practice your presentation skills in a non-threatening environment
  • Be actively involved in your professional development
  • Get the opportunity to share your knowledge/expertise
  • Learn something
  • Have fun