WWAC2010 Program Schedule

5th Annual ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium
August 3-5, 2010
Orlando, Florida, USA

Program Booklet


  • Wireless is Now! Technologys, Standrads, and Applications – W. Manges, Director of Industrial Wireless Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Presentations (Day 1)

  • Hybrid RO Softening Water Treatment Plant, Process Design – A. Farahmand, Dept Water Supply Birjand WTP
  • Improving the Availability of Lift Stations through Optimized Redundant/Backup Control – Francisco Alcala and Jacbob Moser, CDM
  • Pressure and Temperature Products: Applications and Best Practices in the Water and Wastewater Markets – Allen Hood, ABB
  • An Introduction to Emerging Wireless “Mesh Networking” Radio Technology for Inplant and Remote Monitoring Applications – John Collings, Mission Communicaitons LLC
  • Wireless Ethernet  Technologies and Security for the Water Industries – Mike nager, PhoenixContact
  • To Hell & Back in Five Days: A Case Study in Control Room Recovery after a Fire – Jon diPietro, Bridge-Soft LLC
  • Non Revenue Water (Leakage) in Fresh Water  Sytems – Bryan Hayes, ABB
  • Bringing Wastewater Treatment into the Twenty-first Century – Chuch Aunders and Gary Szilagyi, Jacksonville Beach WWTP
  • Suspended Solids Concentration, Technologies and Applicaitons – Robert lagrange, Endress&Hauser

Presentations (Day 2)

  • Proces Descriptoin of the Bonita Springs East Water Reclamation Facility – Cliff Morris and Mike Liggens, Bonita Springs WWTP
  • Venturi Flow Meters Used in Water and Wastewater Applications – Jeff Smith, alpha Valve & Controls
  • Capacitance Type Level Transmitters, Capacitance and Conductance Type Level Switches, and Floats. Their Technolgoies and Applications in Water and Wastewater Industries – John Lojen, INTEMPCO
  • DNP3 Security Implementation in a Water Distribution SCADA System – Kevin Finnan, CSE-Semaphore
  • Ultrasonic Transit-time Flow Meters: How They Work and Where We MIght Find Them in Water and Wastewater Plants – David Thompson, DMT Instruments Inc.
  • Real Time Visual Analysis and Monitoring of Feedwaters for Human and Industrial Consumption – Paul O’Brien, J.M. Canty Inc.
  • Managed vs. Unmanaged ehternet Technologies and Applications – Edward Lee, Moxa
  • SCADA Upgrades to the Globe Hollow Wastewater Treatment Plant – Robert Duzsa, City of Manchester CT WPCA
  • Pulsed Hybrid Magnetic Flow Meters fo Full Pipes, Partially Full Pipes and Open Channels: Ultra Sonics and Vortex Flow Measurement – Brian Brasseur and keith Gosselin, EMCO/G-Tec Equipment