WWAC2015 Invited Speakers

This year’s symposium will feature two prominent speakers who will present on pertinent industry topics, including Open Secure Automation and HMI Situational Awareness. In addition to our keynote, invited, guest and technical speakers, this year’s symposium will feature a forum session to openly discuss automation topics.

Open Secure Automation: Observations for Improved ICS Reliability, Security and Performance
Albert Rooyakkers will deliver a talk about the importance of cyber security beyond the network. This presentation will discuss how the reduction in the system attack surface can impart simplification, while hardening embedded systems from the inside out to cyber, electromagnetic pulse, and other forms of malicious nation state attacks resulting in improved reliability and mean time between failures. – view abstract

Situational Awareness – The Next Leap in Industrial Human Machine Interface Design
John Krajewski will discuss how the HMI should be designed to optimize the operator’s interpretation of the vast amount of data being displayed. The cornerstone of improving the overall HMI design is to deliver Situational Awareness (SA). Only by achieving the proper Situational Awareness can the operations team make effective decisions that will deliver overall business success. – view abstract

About the Speakers:


Albert Rooyakkers, WWAC2015 Invited Speaker

Albert Rooyakkers is the Founder, CTO, and VP of Engineering of Bedrock Automation. Albert’s recent technical endeavors include developing parallel processors for video, hybrid propulsion systems for transportation and currently, as a Bedrock founder and CTO, designing and commercializing a revolutionary cyber secure automation platform for the global market. In the late 1990’s Albert also lead a team at Invensys Schneider to build the field control and IO platform for IA Series™. His global management experience at Maxim Integrated and Invensys Schneider includes Canada, the Middle East, the Far East and more recently in the USA in both Boston and now in Silicon Valley. The ongoing work at Bedrock is rapidly realizing an entirely new and innovative cyber ICS architecture called Open Secure Automation, OSA. As a measure of the level of innovation in this OSA platform, 75 international patents have been filed and over 20 granted in just the past two years. It is an exciting time for automation! A user-centric revolution is under way…and this is the most rewarding aspect of his recent career.


John Krajewski, WWAC2015 Invited Speaker

John Krajewski has 19+ years experience in industrial automation and control systems. John began his career working as a Control System Engineer in the potable water industry. Subsequently, John worked as an Application Engineer for a System Integrator who primarily focuses on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. He joined Invensys Wonderware in April 2000 as a Senior Application Developer in the Product Marketing Department. Shortly thereafter, John assumed the role of Product Marketing’s Functional Manager of Infrastructure. John Spent 5 years as a Domain Architect with responsibilities for architectural and functional definition of InTouch and ArchestrA technologies. For the past 5 years John has served in multiple Product Management roles for Invensys HMI/Supervisory Control products.