The ISA Water/Wastewater Division (WWID) is a technical division of the International Society of Automation (ISA) that is focused on the challenges associated with instrumentation, automation and SCADA systems in the municipal water sector. This includes municipal drinking water, wastewater and stormwater applications.

Our members include a wide range of professionals from municipalities, water utilities, sewerage districts, consultants, engineering firms, system integrators, construction firms, software vendors, distributors, and equipment manufacturers. The division maintains close ties with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and Water Environment Federation (WEF) to service the needs of automation professionals who work in the municipal water sector.

Membership in the ISA Water/Wastewater Division is open to any ISA member who has an interest in the design, construction, operations, and maintenance of automation systems and related equipment in the water sector.  Membership in the ISA is open to practitioners from around the world. Many leading members of the WWID are also involved the many facets of society including ISA standards, ISA conferences, and ISA publications.  We invite you to get involved with the WWID!

Some of the services provided by the WWID include:

ISA Water/Wastewater Newsletter: We publish a quarterly technical newsletter. Read the current issue.

Technical Content: Through our whitepapers, newsletters, webinars, articles, and conference proceedings, the ISA Water/Wastewater Division provides premium technical resources for automation, SCADA, and instrumentation personnel in the municipal water sector.

Student Scholarship Program: Our scholarship program encourages students to pursue higher education leading to careers in the municipal water sector. Up to $2000 USD is available each year. Applications are available each fall, with submissions due in January.

Volunteering Opportunities: The WWID has a strong tradition of providing rewarding and meaningful volunteer experiences. We also provide leadership training and experiences for our volunteers. Contact us to get involved!

Networking: Enjoy the opportunity to network with your automation, instrumentation, and SCADA peers from around the world.

Intelligent Water Systems Challenges: The WWID is a proud supporter of the 2022 Intelligent Water Systems Challenge along with WEF (Water Environment Federation), WRF (Water Research Foundation) and LIFT (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology). Read the announcement.

Partnership with the Water Environment Federation (WEF): The ISA WWID has partnered with WEF since 2012 to bring a “Best of the ISA” session to WEF’s annual WEFTEC conference each fall.  At WEFTEC 2021, we presented a session called “Digital Solutions Session with ISA” on Wed Oct 20, 2021 in Chicago. At WEFTEC 2022, we hosted a session entitled “Digital Solutions with ISA” as part of the Fall 2022 WEFTEC conference.

Partnership with the American Water Works Association (AWWA): The ISA WWID has partnered with AWWA for several years now to promote best practices for SCADA, Automation and Cyber Security. We are fortunate to have several subject matter experts who are active members of technical committees within both the ISA and AWWA.

Partnership with AWWA Sections: We have partnered with several local sections of the American Water Works Association to provide state-regulator-recognized CEU training at ISA conferences.  Past attendees to the ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium have earned government-regulator-recognized CEUs that can be used for their annual water/wastewater operator license renewals.

Contributions to ISA Standards: The WWID provides expertise in a wide number of areas for various ISA standards committees. WWID members hold prominent roles within many ISA standards committees, including ISA18 (alarm management), ISA101 (HMI Design), ISA112 (SCADA Systems), ISA95 (Enterprise Integration) and ISA106 (Procedural Automation)

Supporting ISA Conferences:  We contribute expertise to developing the technical programs of ISA conferences. Most recently, we provided program committee expertise for the 2019 ISA Water & Energy Automation Conference and organized program committee for the 2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium. Note: As of March 2020, all in-person ISA conferences are currently paused due to the current global covid-19 pandemic.


WWID on LinkedIn: If you have a LinkedIn profile, please join our Group – ISA Water / Wastewater Industry Division.  If you don’t have a profile, it’s free and easy to join!  Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have about joining the group or creating a LinkedIn profile.

Note: Due to the current global covid-19 pandemic, all face-to-face programming has been paused for 2020-2022. Instead, we will be offering a program of online webinar-based events. Check back often for announcements.