Bio: Graham Nasby

Graham Nasby photoGraham Nasby, P.Eng., FS Eng, PMP, CAP, CISSP
Newsletter Editor (2011-2022), ISA Water/Wastewater Division

Phone: +1 (519) 767-4906 (Eastern Time Zone)

Co-Chair (volunteer)
ISA112 SCADA Systems Management Committee
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Graham Nasby is an industry-recognized leader in the OT (operational technology), SCADA, and industrial automation sector for his efforts in cyber security best practices, standards development, alarm management, and operational efficiency. Through his work with ISA, CSA, ANSI and the IEC, he has co-authored international standards on systems design, cyber security, industrial automation, alarm management, and HMI systems. Graham has multi-industry experience, ranging from technical to project/program management, in the pharmaceutical, water/wastewater, nanotechnology, process, and rail transport industries. His background includes operations, capital projects, construction, program development, and developing long term technology roadmaps. As a technical and thought leader, Graham is a frequent author of industry articles and invited speaker at industry events.

From 2010 to 2022, Graham Nasby worked in the municipal water sector and was an active member of the ISA Water/Wastewater Division. Currently he writes a column for the ISA water/wastewater division newsletter. During his time in the sector, Graham was involved with international committees of the ISA, AWWA, WEF, as well as local committees in Ontario, Canada, including the OWWA and WEAO. From 2012-2013 he was the General Symposium Chair for the ISA’s Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium, from 2013-2015 he held the post of WWID Director, and from 2011-2022 he held the position of WWID’s newsletter editor. During this time he also served on the OWWA’s Automation Committee, the WEF Information Technology Committee, and the AWWA’s operational technology and cybersecurity committees.  Graham could also be frequently heard at water/wastewater industry events at a local, regional, national and international level.

In mid-2022, Graham decided to take on the challenge of moving to a new industry, and now holds a senior management role at one of North America’s largest Class 1 railways where he continues his work promoting cybersecurity best practices, fostering operational effectiveness, and protecting critical infrastructure.  More information about his current role can be found on his LinkedIn profile at:

“It has been a pleasure to involved in the early days of building up our ISA Water/Wastewater Division into one of ISA’s most active and involved technical divisions. I would like to thank the volunteer team of the WWID for continuing to provide both an excellent member, volunteer, and industry partner experience for everyone  involved. Please keep up all the good work!”

During his time in the municipal water/wastewater sector, here a few of the presentations, articles and other publications Graham Nasby has been involved with:

Recent Papers, Articles & Publications

  • Nasby, G. (2022). “Cybersecurity and our Municipal Water Infrastructure: Identifying and Mitigating the Threat.” CWWA WaterSource magazine. Canadian Water/Wastewater Association. Spring/Summer 2022. pp. 6-7. (articlelink)
  • Nasby G. (2022). “Protecting our Water/Wastewater Infrastructure – Identifying and Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats.” ISA Water/Wastewater Division Blog. International Society of Automation. April 19, 2022. (pdflink)
  • Nasby, G. (2021). “Florida Cyberattack Raises Public Awareness of Threats to Water Plants.” ES&E Special Report. Environmental Science & Engineering magazine. April 2021. pp. 20-23. (pdflinklink)
  • Nasby, G. (2019) “Keeping the Water On: How Engineers Can Help the Municipal Water Sector.”  Civil & Structural Engineer. Nov 2019. pp 28-29. (link)
  • Alford J, Fitzpatrick B, Metzger D, and Nasby G. (2019). “Applying Alarm Management: ISA18.2 Technical Reports for Special Applications.” ISA InTech. Jan/Feb 2019. pp. (link)
  • Nasby, G. (2018). “ISA112 Standards Committee Developing New SCADA Standard“. OWWA Pipeline Magazine. Ontario Water Works Association. Fall 2018. pp. 28-30. (pdflink)
  • Pérez, A. and Nasby, G. (2015). “Incorporación de Sistemas Empaquetados a un Sistema de Control Central en la Industria Minera.” [Incorporation of Packaged Systems into Central Control Systems in the Mining Industry.] Revista ElectroIndustria (Santiago, Chile). July 2015. pp. 30-32. Published in Spanish. (pdfonline-versiondirect-linklink)
  • Nasby, G. (2014). “Workforce Development: It’s a Team Effort.” ISA InTech, Aug/Sept 2014. p. 46 (pdflink)
  • Nasby, G. (2013). “The Final Say: Trouble Justifying Automation Investments? Talk to Operations.” ISA InTech, July/August 2013. pp. 82 (pdflink)
  • Nasby, G. (2013). “Automating for Smart Water.” WaterBlog. Water Environment Federation. June 27, 2013. (pdflink)
  • Nydam, T. and Nasby, G. (2013). “Integrating Packaged Equipment.” ISA InTech, Sept/Oct 2013 issue. pp. 32-34. (pdflink)
  • Nasby, G. (2012). “Using Process Flow Sheets as Communication Tools.” Chemical Engineering Progress, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. October 2012 issue. pp. 36-44. (pdflink)
  • Nasby, G. (2011). “Control System Failure Survival Strategies.” Control Engineering, Nov 2011, pp. P14-P16. (pdfonline-versionlink)
  • Nasby, G. and Phillips, M. (2011). “SCADA Standardization.” ISA InTech, May/June 2011. pp. 18-22. (pdflink)

Standards/Technical Reports Co-Authored:

  • ISA-TR101.02-2019: “HMI Usability and Performance.” Technical Report, International Society of Automation. Co-author. (infopreviewbuy-copy)
  • ISA-TR18.2.7-2017: “Applying Alarm Management when Utilizing Packaged Systems.” International Society of Automation. Lead Editor and committee co-chair. (infopreviewbuy-copy)
  • ANSI/ISA-18.02-2016: “Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries.” Standard, International Society of Automation. Co-author. (infopreviewbuy-copy)
  • ANSI/ISA-101.01-2015: “Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems.” Standard, International Society of Automation. Co-author. (infopreviewbuy-copy)
  • ISA-TR18.2.3-2015: “Basic Alarm Design.” Technical Report, International Society of Automation. Co-author. (info, preview, buy-copy)
  • ISA-TR18.2.4-2012: “Advanced and Enhanced Alarm Methods.” Technical Report, International Society of Automation. Co-author. (info, preview, buy-copy)
  • ISA-TR18.2.6-2012: “Alarm Design for Batch and Discrete Processes.” Technical Report, International Society of Automation. Co-author. (info, preview, buy-copy)


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