ISA WWID LinkedIn Group

Since 2010, the ISA Water/Wastewater division has had a presence on the LinkedIn Platform.  If you have yet visited the WWID LinkedIn group, take a look at this address:

On our LinkedIn group you will find a wide variety of technical posts, discussion items, and announcements for the municipal water/wastewater sector.  Currently the group has over 2053 members and membership is open to all interested individuals.  Our WWID LinkedIn group is moderated by longtime ISA WWID Volunteer Don Dickinson


Here are the WWID LinkedIn group guidelines, which are automatically sent to all new members of the group:

Welcome to the ISA WWID LinkedIn Group!

Your interest and participation are welcomed. 

 Please note this group is a professional platform intended for sharing content of value relating to the application of automation and advanced technologies in the water sector.  It is not intended for the promotion of commercial products or services. 

 By joining this group, you agree to the following simple rules:

– Be supportive of your fellow members

– Bring value to the discussions

– Do not post commercial content unless it brings significant or meaningful value to fellow members

 Questions? E-mail Don Dickinson,

 Again, welcome to our group of water professionals from around the world.