ISA112 SCADA Systems standards committee holds meeting on May 17, 2019

As part of the 2019 ISA Strategic Leader Meeting, the ISA112 SCADA Systems Standards Committee held a full day face-to-face meeting on Friday, May 17, 2019. Held in Hilton University Place hotel in Charlotte, NC, USA the meeting brought together SCADA experts from a wide variety of industries with the goal of developing a standardized framework for SCADA systems.  Like all ISA standards, the ISA112 standard is focused around using standardized terminology, models and workflows that are independent from any one vendor.  The goal of the standard is so that it can be used equally by end-users, designers, consultants, contractors, vendors and solution providers.

The ISA Water/Wastewater division is proud to have several members actively participating in the ISA112 SCADA Systems standards committee.  WWID volunteers who are involved in the ISA112 committee include Kevin Patel, Pavol Segedy, Manoj Yegnaraman, and ISA112 co-chair Graham Nasby.  SCADA (supervisory control and data aquisition) systems play a vital role in modern muncipal water/wastewater utilities, we we are pleased to be involved in the development of the new ISA112 document.  ISA112 has the goal of developing standardized terminology for SCADA systems, a standardized reference architecture for SCADA systems, and a comprehensive SCADA lifecycle work processes for managing/designing/commissioning/operating SCADA systems.

At the meeting, committee members reviewed first draft text that had been submitted by some 60 co-authors of the draft standard. In all, the committee has approximately 150 members, who are involved in commenting to ensure the ISA112 standard will effectively meet the needs of the many industries it is being developed to serve.  In addition to in-person attendees, several committee members from around the world also called in to provide their insight and ideas.  Based on discussions held in Charlotte, further refinements were identified for the in-progress ISA112 lifecycle diagram which will reflected in upcoming committee drafts.  Many thanks to everyone who made the trip to this important face-to-face meeting.

The ISA112 SCADA standards committee has monthly conference calls, and meets face-to-face twice per year. More information about the committee can be found at