Photos from WWAC 2014 tour of Polk County NE Wastewater Treatment Plant

Photos from the plant tour at the 2014 Symposium. Many thanks to Polk County and our tour guides Jeff Goolsby, David Carr, Norman Anderson, and Jason Jennings for hosting the the tour.


WWAC2014_IMG_5291 WWAC2014_IMG_5284 WWAC2014_IMG_5218 WWAC2014_IMG_5217 WWAC2014_IMG_5216 WWAC2014_IMG_5211 WWAC2014_IMG_5238 WWAC2014_IMG_5240 WWAC2014_IMG_5245 WWAC2014_IMG_5248 WWAC2014_IMG_5271 WWAC2014_IMG_5265 WWAC2014_IMG_5263 WWAC2014_IMG_5260 WWAC2014_IMG_5275  IMG_5278 WWAC2014_IMG_5210WWAC2014_IMG_5290