Photos from WWAC 2016 Symposium

At our 2016 Symposium, over 300 attendees came to learn more about SCADA, Automatic Control, and Instrumentation, along with many of the other technologies that are now available in the water/wastewater sector. Here are a few photos from the symposium:

wwac2016_img_8837 wwac2016_img_8838 wwac2016_img_8839 wwac2016_img_8842 wwac2016_img_8845 wwac2016_img_8854 wwac2016_img_8855 wwac2016_img_8856 wwac2016_img_8813 wwac2016_img_8817 wwac2016_img_8819 wwac2016_img_8821 wwac2016_img_8824 wwac2016_img_8825 wwac2016_img_8826 wwac2016_img_8828 wwac2016_img_8836 wwac2016_img_8822 wwac2016_img_8857 wwac2016_img_8864_cropped