Summer 2012 issue of ISA water/wastewater newsletter now online

The ISA Water/Wastewater Industry Division is pleased to announce that our Summer 2012 newsletter newsletter is now available at

In our Summer 2012 newsletter you will find breaking news on our upcoming 2012 WWAC symposium. Held Aug 7-9, in Orlando, Florida the symposium is a focused event that specifically caters to the water and wastewater instrumentation, automation and SCADA professional  As of July 1st, we are proud to report we have over 110 people already registered for the symposium. I encourage you to register to attend.

In this issue you will find a mix of division news, symposium information and technical articles. One of our technical articles is an in-depth overview of the ISA100 standard, and the other is a long-format article about a $58-million plant upgrade in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

For our upcoming WWAC symposium, you will find an article from our program chair Joe Provenzano.  Included at the back of the newsletter is a copy of all the speaker abstracts and bios for our symposium presenters. Feel free to read through them to find out more about this year’s speakers. In particular have a look at our keynote, invited and guest speakers. I invite you to get involved with this year’s WWAC symposium!

Graham Nasby
WWID Newsletter Editor