WWID was at the 2018 ISA Fall Leaders Meeting (aka ISA Annual Leadership Conference)

The WWID was pleased to be the ISA’s Fall Leaders Meeting, now also known as the ISA’s Annual Leadership Conference in October 2018.  Representing the WWID was past-director Kevin Patel, current director Pavol Segedy and several members of the WWID committee.  This year’s meeting was in Montreal.

At the FLM, attendees were treated to several leadership development workshops, and society-level updates from both 2018 ISA President Brian Curtis and ISA Executive Director Mary Ramsey.  Other meetings include the WWID’s semi-annual face-to-face meetings, and several ISA standards committee meetings.

Also at the FLM was the ISA112 SCADA System standards committee. The ISA112 committee, which has a large number of municipal water/wastewater committee members, is currently working on a new set of SCADA system standards and technical reports with the goal of making SCADA systems easier to design, specify, implement, and operate. An update on the progress of the ISA112 committee will appear in the next issue of the ISA WWID newsletter.