WWID was at the 2019 ISA Annual Leadership Conference (ALC) in San Diego

The Water/Wastewater division was pleased to be at the ISA’s 2019 Annual Leadership Conference, which was recently held from Oct 25-29, 2019 in San Diego, California, USA.   At the meeting WWID members participated in standards committee meetings for ISA112 (SCADA Systems), ISA18 (alarm management) and ISA101 (HMI Design), as well as being actively involved in several governance functions of the ISA.

At the ISA’s annual Awards Gala on the Saturday, the ISA Water/Wastewater division was extremely well represented this year.  Don Dickinson, who was the past-chair of the 2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium, received the ISA’s highest volunteer leader award as the “Volunteer Leader of the Year” at the society level.   Brian Mast, received the ISA’s “Technical Paper of the Year” award for his paper “Summary of the King County, Washington, West Point WWTP Flood of 2017” which he presented at the same conference.   The ISA’s “Division of the Year” award was also awarded to the Water/Wastewater Division.     Longtime WWID volunteers Bryan Sinkler and Don Dickinson also received commendations from the WWID itself, and outgoing WWID director Pavol Segedy received a commemorative plaque thanking him for his service.

As always, the ISA’s Annual Leadership Conference (ALC) included several motivational speakers and a number of technical speakers who highlighted up and coming technology trends.  Of particular interest was Don Bartusiack’s talk about the upcoming Open Process Automation standard, which is being developed jointly by the Open Group and ISA.

The conference also provided a chance for ISA’s many volunteer leaders to reconnect with old friends and reach-out to new folks who are just getting started with the ISA.  The WWID looks forward to a bright year ahead!