Technical Speakers List

The program committee is pleased to announce the list technical speakers for this year’s 2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium:

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Featured Speakers

Keynote Speaker HRSD’s Vision for Advanced Water Treatment and Managed Aquifer Recharge in Eastern Virginia, USA:  Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT)
Charles B. Bott, PhD, PE, BCEE – Director of Water Technology and Research, Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) – view abstract
Invited Speaker NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Matt Barrett – Program Manager, Cybersecurity Framework, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Invited Speaker AWWA-J100 Risk Assessments in the Water Sector
Patricia Lamb – Program Manager, Office of Emergency Management, DC Water
AWWA Guest Speaker Kevin Morley, PhD – Manager, Federal Relations, AWWA
WEF Guest Speaker Barry Liner, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE – Director of WEF’s Water Science & Engineering Center
Guest Speakers The 2018 LIFT Intelligent Water Challenge: Using a Challenge Prize to Drive Adoption of Intelligent Water Technology
Tad Slawecki – LimnoTech
Barry Liner, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE – Director of WEF’s Water Science & Engineering Center – view abstract

Full Technical Speaker List

Using DNP3 to Solve Water & Wastewater Remote SCADA Challenges
Philip Aubin – Schneider Electric – Process Automation, SCADA & Telemetry – view abstract
Beyond Modbus: Designing SCADA with Other Open SCADA Protocols
Jacob Brodsky, PE – Jacobs, National Security Solutions – view abstract
Crossing the chasm with information integration interoperability and the industrial internet-of-things leveraging the  strategic industry standards
Thomas Burke – OPC Foundation – view abstract
Ultra-Low-Level Turbidity Meters for Determining Continuous Membrane Integrity
Dave N. Commons – Hach
Carlos Williams – Hach
Melody Whiter – Hach
Bob Dabkowski – Hach- view abstract
DC Water’s SCADA Infrastructure Standardization Program – Paving the Way into the Future
Mark Cusac, PE – CDM Smith
Samant Garg, PE – DC Water
Duncan Mukira, PE – DC Water
Matt Lick – CDM Smith
Josh Gelman, PE – CDM Smith – view abstract
Pressure Instrumentation Installation Tips for Challenging Applications
David Dlugos – Ashcroft Inc. – view abstract
Implementing E-Logging at Thames Water Utilities
David Dollar – j5 North America
Anthony Tyler – Thames Water Utilities
Jeremy Westwood – j5 International Ltd. – view abstract
Where Do Intelligent Water Systems Fit in the Smart City Movement? Insights From The IEEE Smart Cities Technical Community
Amro M. Farid, Ph.D. – Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth
Barry Liner, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE – Water Environment Federation
Amymarie R. Corriveau, CBAP – CDM Smith – view abstract
SCADA: Your Most Critical Asset
Dean Ford, CAP, PE – Westin Technology Solutions, LLC – view abstract
Why Operational Technology (OT) Deep Packet Inspection is Necessary for Comprehensive SCADA Security
Ken Frische – Ultra Electronics, 3eTI – view abstract
Surge Protection Devices: Feeling lonely, please think about me!
Kalyani Ganesan – Carollo Engineers, Inc
Manoj Yegnaraman, PE – Carollo Engineers, Inc – view abstract
Secure PHA Review for Managing ICS Risks
Jim Gilsinn – Kenexis – view abstract
Taking Calibration to the Next Level: Using Documenting Calibrators
Joel Gregory, CCST-III – DC Water
Robert Hopkins, CCST-II – DC Water
Francisco Morales, CCST-II – DC Water – view abstract
Don’t Let Cyber Attacks Leave You “Dead in the Water”
Chris Grove – Indegy – view abstract
Cyber Secure & More!
Jason Hamlin – Lynchburg Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Carter Farley, PE – InstruLogic LLC – view abstract
SCADA + Integrated Asset Management = Cost Savings
Alan Hudson – Trihedral Engineering – view abstract
Keep Those Bioreactor’s Bugs Happy at Night: WWTP Flow Equalization Using Existing CSO Sites
Maxym Lachance, P.Eng. – Tetra Tech
Abhishek Bhargava, M.Sc., P.Eng. – EPCOR Water Services – view abstract
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Jennifer M. Mansfield, PMP – Rockwell Automation – view abstract
Summary of the King County, Washington, West Point WWTP Flood of 2017
Brian Lee Mast, PE – Copper Bell Consulting LLC – view abstract
Incorporating CyberSecurity into Water Utility Master Planning
Umair T. Masud – Rockwell Automation
Kevin M. Morley, PhD – AWWA – view abstract
Improve Plant Efficiencies & Reduce Energy Costs with Reliable and Consistent Online Nutrient Monitoring for Biological Wastewater Processes
Jay Mershon – Endress+Hauser
Kelvin Hurdle – Rockwell Automation – view abstract
Facility P&ID Drawings: What they are and Why you need them!
Graham Nasby, P.Eng, PMP, CAP – City of Guelph Water Services – view abstract
Need more data for asset management & process improvements? Look in your own back yard
Jason Norris – Phoenix Contact
Dave Eifert – Phoenix Contact – view abstract
Advancing national water systems with safe and secure Industrial IoT applications
Goran Novkovic, MSc, ITIL, CQA, CSQE, PEng, APM, PMP – PwC Canada – view abstract
Cybersecurity Before the Budget
Scott Reynolds, PE, CAP – Johns Manville – view abstract
Machine Learning for Optimized Plant Operations
James Ruiz – ITG Technologies
Yandy Perez-Ramos – ITG Technologies – view abstract
Extracting Value from Data in Real-time
Oliver Schraa – inCTRL Solutions Inc.
Christian Hübner – ifak e.V.
Nico Suchold – ifak e.V.
Leiv Rieger, PhD, P.Eng. – inCTRL Solutions Inc.
Ivan Miletic – inCTRL Solutions Inc. – view abstract
Online Organics Monitoring for Rapid Process Control of Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations
Amanda Scott – Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, Analytical Instruments – view abstract
Cybersecurity Certification Programs have Matured
Ted Stewart – exida
Michael Medoff – exida – view abstract
Cloud-Based SCADA Solution to Monitor Storm Water Pumping
G. Mike Stoup, PE – McKim & Creed
Mark Jones, PE – Department of Public Works, City of Virginia Beach
Jason Davis, PE – McKim & Creed – view abstract
The need to monitor process sensors for security & safety
Joe Weiss – Applied Control Solutions
Andy Pascoe – SIGA OT Solutions
Strathcona County Utilities SCADA system upgrade
Mark A Williams, CCST – Strathcona County Utilities – view abstract
Leading water utilities who’ve successfully navigated the digital journey to true smart water
Gary Wong, PE, MBA, CPA – OSIsoft – view abstract
Implementation of Automation Projects Using a SCADA Master Planview abstract
Manoj Yegnaraman, P.E., Carollo Engineers, Inc.
Norman Anderson, P.E., Westin Engineering, Inc.
Jeff Martin, Carollo Engineers, Inc.